About the author

I’m a typical twenty-two years old nerdy guy who goes by Marek and who is just finishing his bachelors in English at Masaryk University located in Brno. You might know this “small” town, as it is a Czech mecca of students. Besides reading novels by your classic selection of English authors, I’m also a web design enthusiast both by choice and duty.


I’ve dug into this topic circa a year ago while helping my friend with a webpage for his school newspaper. Even though it didn’t work out for him, I found myself emerged in web design and search engine optimization (SEO in short), a sort of thing that goes hand in hand with having a web page that seeks to gain as much traffic as possible. I see web design and SEO as a hobby of mine and I decided to create a blog just for that. I see web design as a vital part of current marketing, representation and most importantly, the first impression of everything on the internet. Hopefully, I can share my knowledge and thoughts about these topics and you can take something from it all too.

My other hobbies, besides those that I’ve already mentioned, are cycling, swimming and spending time with my two dogs. I’m a pretty active guy though I don’t mind spending an occasional weekend playing video games as well if my friends are online and eager to play. My new baby, PlayStation 4, is just waiting for my procrastination period.

But hey, let’s not forget the real goal of this blog and that is to connect with you, people who also find SEO and web design just as interesting as I. I can’t wait to see your insights and input and I’m always open to fresh ideas. You’ll find my insight into the subject of SEO and web creation, its design and everything that is connected to that all over this blog.