CBD Drinks: Natural And Tasty Way To Relax 

Flavor you cannot confuse with any other. Healing and relaxing effect you would hardly find anywhere else. Those are our CBD drinks! It’s time to raise the glass or, if you prefer, enjoy a cup of special tea or coffee! 

CBD Drinks – Discover Our Selection 

No matter if you are a coffee or tea kind of person, on Cannadorra you will find what you are looking for! Even if you’d rather have a glass of light alcoholic beverage than a hot drink! 

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Searching For CBD Infused Drinks? Don’t Miss Our Hemp Tea Collection! 

Did you know that with hemp tea you can effectively improve the immune system, ease the pain and relieve the stress? Lemon grass, forest fruit or pure one – try all our flavors! 

Best CBD Drinks For Hot Summer Days? Make Your Own Iced Tea! 

Infuse one spoon of hemp tea for 3-5 minutes in steamed water or use a tea bag following the instructions on packaging. Let the beverage cool in the fridge, add lots of ice and just enjoy the tasty refreshment! Use honey, sliced lemon or a few leaves of mint as well, this combination is marvelous! 

Perfect Hemp Drink To Start the Day? Make Yourself CDB Coffee! 

All the coffee lovers, attention! Columbian coffee mixed with CBD is the thing to try! Enjoy the beneficial properties of coffee without the side effects of caffeine! 

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Tired Of the Same Old Cocktails? Add CBD Oil To Drinks For a New Experience! 

Not only does hemp oil fit perfectly in homemade lemonades, it can be used for many alcoholic cocktails! Check out this recipe perfect for cheers! 

  • ¾  cup cold water 
  • lavender sirup  
  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 2 lemons
  • 30 mg CBD oil
  • ¼ cup ice

Do you have your own recipe that includes CBD oil? Don’t hesitate to share! 

When Tradition Meets Canna Hemp: Drink You Will Fall In Love With! 

Have you ever heard of honey hemp wine? No? It is time to add it to your home bar! Well-known mead is boosted with hemp extract which brings up a whole new flavor and perfume! Mead is appreciated for its digestive and flu healing benefits. Try the hot version! 

What Are the CBD Drink Effects? 

If you are wondering if they will make you feel high, they won’t. Besides relaxing feeling, they are appreciated for:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • chronic pain and arthritis relief
  • helping with problematic skin issues 
  • positive impact on insomnia
  • mental health disorders treatment
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Learn More About CBD Drinks Benefits 

Benefits of using CBD and making it part of your daily routine are countless! What is very important, it is absolutely natural, so compared to standard medicine it doesn’t cause undesirable collateral effects? We invite you to read more about its beneficial properties in our articles! 

FAQ: Cannabis Hemp Drinks 

Being part of the CDB products market for so long, we collect the most frequently asked questions about hemp drinks. Here are some of those! 

Are CBD Drinks Legal? 

Absolutely yes! And not just the drinks! All our products contain less than the legal level of the THC (0,2%). This means it’s possible to sell, buy and use them freely. 

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Hemp Oil? 

There are many of them! These are just a few examples:

  • Pain and stress relief 
  • Depression and anxiety reduction
  • Easing cancer or Alzheimer’s disease symptoms 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects 
  • Acne improvement 
  • Lowering blood pressure

Do You Offer CBD Drinks Wholesale? 

Yes! Please visit the section dedicated to wholesale, where you can find the terms and registration. 

What If I Need Help With Choosing Hemp Infused Drinks? 

No problem, we are here to assist you and share our suggestions. Please contact our professional consultants, who may guide you throughout the product selection and purchase. 

Denisa Antalová