If You Go to Alanya… You Should Try Some Excursions

Many people who are tired of Europe decide to go east and spend their holiday in Turkey. The Turkish Riviera Alanya offers sea, sunshine, beaches and ideal opportunity for having rest. Enjoying your time under a beach umbrella is great but what to do when the weather gets worse or the children are loudly crying: Mama, I am bored. And evening strolls round the ancient town don´t do any more? Fortunately, there are many various excursions in Alanya, which make the stay here more diverse. Let’s see some of them:


Tired of Beaches but Do Not Want to Leave the Sea? Go for a Boat Excursion

Naturally, the sea is the biggest attraction for all the inland visitors. For a person who wants to feast his eyes on its surface and waves and admire the town from the other perspective, sailing is an excellent choice. There are tour boats or half-day trip boats, pirate boats (kids are welcome!), sunset boats and disco boats on the menu. Keen fishers can get aboard the small fishing boat and have their first Mediterranean catch on the open sea in the early morning hours or at dawn and then come back when the town awakes. Who wants more than sunbathing and swimming can go diving or snorkelling with the guide who recommends him the best places in the area. You can enrich your diving with visiting the Underwater Museum of 110 remarkable sculptures and snorkeling enables meeting turtles and other marine animals. There isn’t any simple escape from the sea in Alanya.


Children and Animals – It Sounds Good

Every parent knows no child can be dissapointed by an animal. What about dolphins? Visiting Dolphin Park Sealanya is one of the most perfect presents you can give your young children and other members of the family will also be delighted, no doubts. The visitors can watch Dolphin and Seal shows, can touch those huge, but cute and intelligent marine mammals and – last not least – can swim together with them. Another marvellous view on the life under the sea surface provides Aquarium in Antalya, the centre of the region. While children admire sea creatures, the adults are astonished by the ruins of ancient and medieval eras or just go shopping.


On the Road in Turkey

Fans of motor vehicles can not resist the chance of the ride to theTaurus mountains by Combi Jeeps with professional drivers. In this Safari Tour you will feel Turkey in your nose, stomach and tip toes. Charming landscape scenery, wild nature with animals, a swift mountain river with a newly built dam, an original Turkey village with traditional Turkey dishes and beverages are included and the speed of the ride is as fast as conditions of roads enable. It’s something quite different from common daily driving to work! Besides jeeps, for a shorter Safari trip you can choose a buggy which you can drive by yourself, even without a driving licence. Of course it is completely out of danger.

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Nothing Satisfying?

Have you already read many offers and haven´t found it interesting enough? Are you a hard to please person? Do not lose your heart. The travel agencies will make up your own excursion following your special requests.


Alanya Is a Comfortable Experience

Experience hunters are usually prepared to moderate their idea of comfort. But there is no need of doing this in Alanya. All the trips and activities are supported with professional guides and with an English-speaking one who is ready to help with anything you could need. The refreshment is included in the price and the adrenaline is not a duty. The trips could be another kind of relaxing on holiday.

Which kind of holiday do you prefer? Do you like staying at one place or do you want to see many places in the shortest time? How many hours a day do you usually spend on the beach? What do you think about holidays with young children??

Denisa Antalová