CBD Coffee – What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

Coffee in general is an obsession for many. Cafe latte, cappuccino, iced Americano, espresso you name it. These are super popular variations of all-time favourite caffeine drinks. Now, here comes another tremendous hit, CBD coffee. How does this mix actually work together? What is so cool about it that it has earned a permanent spot on the menu of most of US cafes? Is it really so good or is it just a marketing gimmick? Find out by reading this article.

CBD Coffee – Is It a Good Idea to Mix Caffeine and Cannabidiol Together?

You are right; it is a slightly strange combination. Caffeine is associated with alertness and boosting up the energy level, while CBD is supposed to do quite the opposite as it is often used to help with anxiety and sleeping disorders. How come they work together pretty fine and what is the effect on your body?

CBD Helps Overcome the Side Effects of Caffeine

In order to understand the purpose and effects of CBD coffee, let’s focus on the side effects of simple coffee that you are drinking daily.

Are you enjoying your cup of joe every single morning? Do you drink more than recommended three cups per day? If your answer was double yes, then we bet you have experienced any of the following symptoms of caffeine overdose at least once in your “coffee drinking career”.

If we drink more amount of caffeine than our body can take (the amount is very individual) these are the most common side effects that we could experience even daily, for instance:

  • it increases the alertness, and therefore it might not be the best choice for people with anxiety,
  • can cause sleeping disorders,
  • increases heart rate,
  • can make you feel nervous,
  • can mess up with your digestions.

To sum it up, coffee is the most popular stimulant in the world. The thing is that sometimes you can experience very unpleasant side effects. It might be a caffeine overdose or simply you are very sensitive to caffeine. It is frustrating to drink coffee in order to get a boost which would help you be alert and concentrate better, but what you get is quite the opposite. And here comes your “saviour”. CBD is believed to counteract the side effects of caffeine. Therefore, it could be a match made in heaven. However, although both compounds have been researched well separately, the effects of the mix need to be researched more yet.  

How Does It Feel after Drinking CBD Coffee?

It is important to point out that the experience is very individual. It might take you a few days to figure out the best dose and time to drink CBD coffee in order to enjoy its positive effects to the max. Based on personal experiences, people felt energized and calm. Simply, they enjoy the positive effects of both compounds. The power of caffeine without the jitteriness.

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How to Get CBD Coffee?

As it was mentioned before, CBD coffee has become a major hit in the USA. People just went crazy for it. If you are located in the USA, it might be pretty easy. There are plenty of cafe brands who offer a variety of CBD infused coffee. And it is a sure thing the trend spread worldwide as well. However, buying CBD coffee from a cafe daily could be pricey. 

Fortunately, you have more options. You can simply purchase grounded CBD coffee or even CBD coffee beans. This is the most economical solution and for many also the most convenient. The third option is to buy CBD oil and just add it to your cup of morning coffee or even tea. It is up to you.

CBD Coffee Is a New Hot Trend that Is Definitely Worth Trying

The infusion of CBD into the coffee might help fight unpleasant side effects of caffeine.

The combination of those two compounds will allow you to enjoy your cuppa without feeling nervous. That makes it also suitable for people with anxiety.

Is CBD coffee your new personal favourite, or it has not met your expectations? Do you have any advice to newbies based on your personal experience? Share them with us.

Denisa Antalová