What Are Some Redmine Plugins That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On?

One of the best things about working with Redmine as your primary project management tool is the sheer number of Redmine plugins that you can utilise. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular ones. You’re bound to find good use for at least some of them! 

CRM Is One Of The Best Redmine Plugins For All Things Customer Related 

In addition to issue tracking and project management, Redmine can, with the help of the Redmine CRM plugin, serve as a solid tool for customer relations management. Available in 24 languages, it has a plethora of useful features, including, but not limited to:

  • Contact notes
  • Contact  filter
  • Issue filter by contact
  • Issue – Contact connection for improved priority management
  • Contact export
  • Email notification
  • Attaching notes and files to contacts

And others. In the advanced version, you can also manage deals and sales opportunities, set up sales funnel and keep track of your resulting income. You can read more about the importance of CRM in Redmine here. 

HelpDesk Shouldn’t Be Missing In Your Arsenal 

This plugin perfectly compliments the aforementioned CRM plugin and both of these plugins are fully integrated. With HelpDesk, it is possible to make customer support tickets out of issues and emails. Combined with customer profiles, you can create personal customer support messages. Replying to customer tickets is possible directly from the main page with it.

You’re also bound to welcome the autoresponding feature that can answer to the initial queries of your customers. Another nice perks is the email automation workflow which can help you tame all of your emails. 

Redmine Agile Can Greatly Increase Your Project Management Capabilities 

If you’re fan of Agile project management philosophy, then this plugin shouldn’t be absent from your toolkit. It shows Redmine issues as Agile board tasks, as a result of which you can manage, assign and put priorities on them with great efficiency. The plugin can be set up in various ways to reflect your own company methodology or workflow. Some of the Redmine Agile plugin features include:

  • Drag and Drop Agile boards.
  • Multitude of different Agile charts for easier project visualisation and tracking.
  • Subcolumns and swimlanes for easier arrangement and separation of issues.
  • Sprint planner, which allows you to divide your issues between the respective sprints.
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Redmine Checklist – Even A Small Plugin Can Go A Long Way 

This inconspicuous plugin can make your job much easier in the long run simply by introducing the checklist feature lacking in the basic Redmine. You can create and change various checklists and manage your tasks more smoothly. Redmine Checklist is a proof that a plugin doesn’t have to be extremely sophisticated to be extremely useful. 

Never Lose Track Of Your Money With Redmine Finances 

This plugin lets you keep track of your incomes and outcomes and assign them to their respective categories. Naturally, multiple account management and multi-currency support is included. With the help of an in-built calendar, you can also manage your financial operations in time. Redmine Finances is currently available in 9 languages. 

That was our modest Redmine plugin selection that we think might come in handy. Of course, there are dozens and hundreds more great Redmine plugins that we can’t list here. But perhaps you might tell us which Redmine plugin do you personally favour. Leave a mention in the comment section!

Denisa Antalová