What We Can Do With Our Hair (Even If We Don’t Have Any)

How many times have you changed your hairdo or the length and the colour of your hair? Hard question, isn’t it?

The next one is easier. Why do people like to change their hairstyle? Simply, because hair is beautiful and important. It is women’s adornment and men’s expression of their way of life.

The lack or absence of hair always causes unpleasantness and a cut in self-confidence. Is it actually possible to live without hair? Yes, it is, but it is not a very agreeable idea. Fortunately, it is unnecessary even if nature and genes are not on our side.

Much Ado For Every Single Hair

Let the questions be answered first. On average, women change their hairstyle about 150 times in her lifetime, according to surveys and research. These changes — including cut, color or shape — are usually connected to major life events like birthdays or breakups, but they can also be influenced by a celebrity. Some women admit that they have changed their hair color 100 times over fifty years.

Dying, cutting, combing and visiting a salon is only one part of hair care. The other is buying hair cosmetics and accessories such as tiaras and other hair jewelry which are obligatory articles for girls from the age of three years. Not to speak only about ladies, men have their troubles with hair, too. For example – they must go to the barbers more often than women.

During the lifetime it costs a fortune for both the sexes! Does it mean that when the falling out of hair or baldness comes, it is a reason for joy? Oh no, who has experience knows that shame and insecurity take up instead.. Briefly said – with the loss of hair we don´t lose the need to have them.

The Miracle Has Its Name

In fact, one can have hair with no special care after losing them completely or partially. How? Permanent makeup. The hair is painted on the scalp by a technique called hair micropigmentation.

This hair looks like a recently shaved head or creates darker ground for the rest of natural hair that looks thicker than. In contrast to other attempts how to restore disappearing hair (medication, nutritional supplements, laser therapy or surgical procedures) results of the hair micropigmentation are visible reliably and immediately and except of one – shot payment for the treatment (though divide into three sessions) this new hair is with no expense because it requires no special care.

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from hair loss – concerning elderly people it goes up to 80 % but young people with hair loss troubles are not an exception. They try to fight the problem and because of micropigmentation the battle is successful. No wonder that a scalp micropigmentation specialist is as good and popular career as a hairdresser.

Happy End of the Horror

What our ancestors could only dream about came true. They paid enormous amounts for ointments and salves with an arguable effect. Their thin-haired heads were a laughingstock and cause of grief. But people have made another important step in their evolution.

Although the tattooing technique is of the same age as humankind, the idea to use it as a treatment of hair loss is a contemporary invention. In fact, it is a matter of 21th century. Wigs and other camouflages belong to the past. In the same way the fear of hair loss can die out.

Scalp micropigmentation provides not demanding hair with a natural look. Nowadays the bald man is bald because he wants to be bald.

What does thin hair look like? Is thin hair a reason for hiding scalp? Have you ever worn a wig? Do you like bald men? Do you know anyone who has undergone scalp micropigmentation?

Denisa Antalová