Nuru Massage and Other Asian Treatments You Could be Able to Pull Off at Your Own Home

Without disparaging a nuru massage, there are many other Asian rubdowns that deserve the same amount of attention. And some of them might be performed at your home together with your partner. Though you may not reach a professional standard right away, there is nevertheless a lot of fun and pleasure to be had! So, are you open to some suggestions?

Nuru Massage Is Harder to Perform, but Yields Bountiful Rewards

Slippery, body slide, body to body, there are many names by which this procedure goes. Originating as a response to the post-WW2 Japanese laws that banned prostitution, nuru presented an original solution that allowed the customers to get their pleasure and prostitutes to stay afloat without breaking the law. Non-penetrative, yet very intimate body to body contact, allowed for by a unique slippery seaweed gel – that is nuru!

If you’d like to try it at your own home, be sure to get stocked on this gel – nothing else will do. Also don’t forget protective plastic sheets, since this procedure gets a little bit messy. There are no hard rules as to how to perform it. Just cover both of your bodies with the gel, lie your partner down and then start the deluge of sliding, grinding, rubbing and stroking. If it feels good, you’re on the right track!

Tantra Should Be Reserved for the Most Intimate Moments

While nuru can offer some truly wonderful erotic satisfaction, tantra is not to be underestimated either. This procedure is more personal and intimate in nature, and will require a total commitment to delivering pleasure on the side of the “giver”, and a total trust and surrender on the side of the “taker”.

The prerequisite to performing this massage should be the mastering of yoga breathing, which both of you need to maintain throughout. Tantra is a full-body procedure, meaning you’ll have to massage your partner from head to toe, erogenous zones included. Remember to keep it slow and sensual – tantric orgasm is meant to be delayed and prolonged. If you get too close, pause before starting again!

Lingam and Yoni – Tantra Simplified

Though every erotic massage reaches the genital area eventually, these ones tend to skip the rest and go directly for the big prize – yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis). Although some preliminary massaging of other body parts may spice up the arousal, the focus should always be on the genitals. Similarly to tantra, the orgasm ought to be prolonged for as long as possible. If you’re curious about the technical details, this video explains the workings of a lingam massage.

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If You’re Feeling Naughty, then Try to Add Some Prostate Stimulation into the Mix!

While not specifically Asian technique per se, prostate stimulation is nevertheless something that should not pass under your radar. Technically combinable with every other massage, it can offer tremendous pleasure every man will love, if he learns to relax and puts his trust in the woman to deliver it.

You’re going to need a latex glove and plenty of lubricant, since the prostate is accessed via the anal orifice. You may even take advantage of specific prostate massagers. Before delivering this procedure, however, look up some guides how to do it properly, so that you don’t cause more harm than pleasure!

There you have it – some of the most exciting, relatively easy to administer Asian erotic massages that you too can try at your own home!

Which of these options fits the best with you? Would you be willing to try them? Leave us a comment!

Denisa Antalová