About erotic Thai massage – where did it come from, its techniques, benefits & more

An erotic Thai massage is a curious phenomenon. On the one hand, it is a very old practice, with some not even hesitating to trace it history back 2500 years. However, that’s the “Thai massage” part. Adding the “erotic” part is a relatively recent idea – but nevertheless one that has its merits. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the whole problematic.

Erotic Thai massage is partially rooted in legends

If these legends are to be believed, the Thai massage (though without eroticism) has been invented by none other than Buddha’s personal physician himself, called Shivago Komarpaj. This would make this procedure well over 2500 years old! Shivago was, in all likelihood, an actual historical person, and ancient documents ascribe masterful medical skills to him. However, in all likelihood, the contemporary Thai massage seems to be a bit more recent invention, albeit very old. It has even managed to make it to UNESCO cultural heritage list!

The other view of its origins

What is almost certain is that this procedure arose as a combination of various influences of Ayurveda, yoga, Chinese medicine and other Southeast Asian medicinal practices. Its current version has been more or less codified during the 19th century, there are, however, still considerable local variations and different ways to do it – spicing it up with eroticism being, without a doubt, one of them!

And how does this technique actually work?

This treatment’s technique differs from the rest of the massages considerably.

  • First of all, Thai massage rarely, if ever, uses oil or lubricants – of course, there can be exceptions, as with everything.
  • In fact, it can be performed fully clothed, provided the clothes are light and not too constraining. (Of course, during its erotic version, the clothes will go off at one point or another).
  • This treatment consist of a series of yoga-like exercises and positions. The practitioner helps the client assume those and manipulate his body into the desired position with the help of not just the hands, but also knees, legs and feet.
  • Therefore, as opposed to other massages, which do not demand any big participation on the client’s part (he’s supposed to just lay down and relax), you’ll need to actively participate during the Thai treatment by changing positions frequently.
  • In addition to all that, its erotic version will entail the manual stimulation of the genitalia. But don’t think of it as a quick “handjob”. As with all erotic massages, things will be taken slowly and sensually, with the orgasm being delayed until the very end, to increase the arousal and its overall intensity!
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What are the benefits of this treatment?

Well, we don’t probably have to delve into the benefits of erotic stimulation – these ones are obvious. But the Thai massage has its own concept by which it abides, which is the concept of “sen lines”. These lines are basically the lines in your body through which the energy flows and their disruption causes can cause pain, illnesses and physical disorder. Rectifying this problem is the main goal of the Thai treatment, even the erotic one – the “happy ending” is secondary.

Whether the concept of sen lines is backed my modern science or not, the results speak for themselves. This rubdown has been shown to provide many benefits, such as:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increased flexibility for the body and joints
  • Better blood circulation
  • Mental relaxation
  • Erotic relief

So, that was the erotic Thai treatment in a nutshell. You can find some more useful info here. Hope you’ve learned something new!

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Do you have any direct experience with this or other exotic treatments? In what way? Would you choose an erotic or non-erotic Thai treatment? Drop a comment!

Denisa Antalová