Tantra massage can be a true boon for your intimate life. Let us explain further!

When talking about a tantra massage, many people will still stick to the notion of it being just a sexological treatment with a happy ending. The actual potential of this procedure is, however, much wider in scope. Did you know about its potential for nurturing and enhancing the couple’s intimate love? Let us share with you the secrets of how the tantric treatment achieves that…

Tantra massage for couples reminds us that sex is just one side of intimacy

Far too many people view intimacy as synonymous with sex. And sex seems to be the centrepiece of their love lives. Essentially, there is nothing really wrong with that. It is, however, a very reductive approach, not making full use of the full potential of intimacy. Dabbling in tantra together with your partner might tap precisely into this potential.

This procedure lets you understand the giver-taker dynamic

Sex and other forms of erotic stimulation is a two-way street, even if one of the partners happens to play a more active role. The giver-taker / giver-receiver dynamic tends to be fully realised only within a context of a tantric massage, where it truly comes to the fore and is actually understood as such by both involved parties. One partner takes on a passive role as a receiver, the other the active role as a giver. Considering the spiritual roots of this procedure in Hindu religion and philosophy, we wouldn’t be off the mark when comparing it with religious worship. One partner takes on the role of a “god”, with the other partner doing his or her best to worship…

So, how does it translate into your experience of the intimate?

  • From the point of the receiver, it allows for a much more profound relaxation, as one unconditionally surrenders and entrusts oneself to one’s partner, with nothing being expected in return. Being stripped of expectations can be liberating, since it is precisely the fear of performing well in bed that is the cause of many psychological problems.
  • The relaxation is closely tied with the stimulation, allowing you to focus entirely on the current pleasure you’re experiencing. Just go with the flow, as they say!
  • An important aspect of tantra is the devotion of one partner towards the other. This ties closely with the previously mentioned “worshipping” aspect of this procedure. Remember to try both roles, giver and provider, with your partner!
  • One of the great things about tantra is the way it works with the sense of touch. People rarely make full use of what their touch is capable of. Tantra works with different strokes, kneads, pressure, intensity, rhythm… you name it. In a way, it is a virtuosic display of what this particular sense has to offer.
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Of course, to administer this properly, it is good to learn how the professionals do it

Are you convinced that you want to treat your partner (or vice versa) to a tantric experience? It is undoubtedly a great choice, but do you know what to do? Well, it’s not hard to learn the basic form online sources. Or, even better, by visiting an actual tantric therapist – even with your partner together. A lot of parlours welcome couples and do couple massages as part of their routine. If you overcome the initial trepidation, then you’re in for an experience of your lifetime. One that could potentially make your intimate life so much richer… However, make sure you choose a proper therapist – unfortunately, there are also scammers and dodgy individuals posing as tantric experts.

If you’d like to be treated by vetted professionals, then the website www.pleasure-world.com is just the place for you!

Do you think your intimate life might need a restart? Why? Would you be willing to visit a tantric salon together with your partner? Leave a comment below!

Denisa Antalová