6 Redmine Plugins That You Can Implement In Your Redmine With Great Results

One of the best things about Redmine is the incredible number of Redmine plugins available. While you’ll probably not need all of them (or even most of them) for your project, there are certainly some deserving a closer attention. Let’s delve into our pick of plugins that we think can greatly enhance the scope of your Redmine. 

Helpdesk – One Of The Redmine Plugins All Customer-based Projects Need 

Helpdesk by Redmine UP is one of those plugins that is simply a blessing for anyone dealing with a larger number of customers. With it, you can transform your Redmine into a customer-support powerhouse. It turns emails from a mailbox into Redmine tasks. You can also generate automatic responses with or and reply to senders through the helpdesk module.

Combine it with a CRM plugin (more on that in a minute) and you’ve got the who’s who covered – it assigns CRM contacts to the respective emails or automatically creates new ones if it’s the sender’s first inquiry. 

Redmine CRM Goes Hand In Hand With Helpdesk 

Manage your customer relations with this extremely useful plugin. It helps you categorise and make sense of all of your contacts, leads and customers, all in a single, integrated whole. This plugin shouldn’t simply be missing in your Redmine. There is a free version of this plugin available besides the paid one. It doesn’t have as many functions as the full version, but can nevertheless serve you extremely well. 

Web-based Projects Can Make Great Use Of Redmine Usersnap 

Redmine Usersnap is an extremely useful plugin for anyone working on a website or web app projects. It allows you to get feedback from your customers or colleagues via browser screenshots and bug reports that can be delivered directly inside Redmine.

In addition, Usersnap can also be utilised for alpha and beta testing. It makes reporting extremely easy on a point and click basis. Your testers are bound to find it useful! 

Redmine Hide Sidebar – Small, But Useful Plugin 

If you like a clear, uncluttered interface, then this plugin is for you. It does exactly what it promises – hides the Redmine sidebar, giving its interface a bit more visual clarity. Nothing more, nothing less. You can download this little plugin from Redmine plugin directory. It should be compatible with most Redmine templates. 

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Redmine UP Agile For All Things Agile 

Agile project philosophy (read more about its core principles here) is in vogue and this plugin can help you make the most of it. It is a very flexible Open Source tool that can be tailored to suit your particular projects. It includes features such as Agile Ajax whiteboard, Agile Charts, Sprint Planner, Story Points and others. The simpler, Light version of this plugin is available for free. 

Redmine Checklist Is Another Cool Free Plugin 

Checklists are great – whether in business or outside of it. In Redmine, you can tame your checklist items with this simple plugin which adds the checklist functionality to your Redmine Issues. Using Ajax technology, you can add, delete or check all of your checklist items with a single click. It features checklist templates, adds generic default templates, as well as default templates for trackers. All the changes that you make are added to the issue history log. Works in a total of 14 languages. 

So, that was our modest plugin selection that we think might come in handy. What are your thoughts? Do you have some favourite plugins of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Denisa Antalová